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Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

TDA Cookbook for Youth-Led Accountability

The Development Alternative (TDA) Cookbook for Youth-Led Accountability focuses on how young people can hold development actors to account, ensuring the projects they implement ali
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

How to create a youth civil society network in your area by Youth Collective

You can use this directory of organizations to convene a local network of youth organizations, to support, share skills and experience, jointly advocate and undertake projects together.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

حان الوقت لإحداث تحوّل في التعليم

استكشفنا دور المجتمع المدني الشبابي في تحويل التعليم من خلال مختبر القيادة هذا
Activism Governance Skills

Campaign Strategy Toolkit by Better Future Project/Divest Ed

This is a resource on key topics that form Campaign Strategy specifically for campus fossil fuel divestment campaigns, though many of the concepts are widely applicable.
Activism Skills Youth Engagement

Shifting Power through Youth Power

In this Leadership Lab, we listened to three different youth speakers who shared with us their experiences. Here are some key learnings from the session.
Skills Youth Engagement

Power Shift Network: Icebreakers

Use one ore more of these crowd-sourced icebreakers to open your next meeting!
Activism Skills Youth Engagement

Cambiando el poder a través del poder juvenil

En este Laboratorio de Liderazgo, escuchamos a tres oradores jóvenes diferentes que compartieron con nosotros sus experiencias. Aquí hay algunos aprendizajes clave de la sesión.
Activism Skills

Feminist Mentoring for Feminist Futures: Part 1 by CREA

A Guide to feminist mentoring and how it builds feminist leadership. This is Part 1 of ‘Feminist Mentoring for Feminist Futures.’ It is to be used in conjunction with Part 2: The Practice and Part 3: The Stories.
Activism Governance Skills

Sorry To Bother You: Study Guide

A History Study Guide and Take Action resource to help you start a co-op, union, and other ways to improve your workplace.
Activism Skills Youth Engagement

تحول السلطة من خلال قوة الشباب

في معمل القيادة هذا ، استمعنا إلى ثلاثة متحدثين شباب مختلفين شاركونا تجاربهم. فيما يلي بعض الدروس المستفادة من الجلسة.