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Activism Governance Skills

Sorry To Bother You: Study Guide

A History Study Guide and Take Action resource to help you start a co-op, union, and other ways to improve your workplace.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement


En esta serie de los Laboratorios de Liderazgo, exploramos el rol de la Sociedad Civil Juvenil en la transformación de la Educación.
Activism Funding Youth Engagement

Donor Finder by CIVICUS

A curated list of progressive donors supporting activists, civil society organizations, and small, informal civil society groups.
Activism Skills Youth Engagement

Fast Company: Create an elevator pitch

How to make the most of making new contacts with a perfect elevator pitch.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

حان الوقت لإحداث تحوّل في التعليم

استكشفنا دور المجتمع المدني الشبابي في تحويل التعليم من خلال مختبر القيادة هذا
Activism Funding Youth Engagement

Resource map for Youth CSOs and donors by Global Fund

A helpful map of multiple resources directly aimed at youth-led organizations and donors.
Activism Funding Governance Youth Engagement

IASC: Young People in Humanitarian Crises

Guidelines for working with and for young people in humanitarian settings and protracted crises.
Activism Skills

Feminist Mentoring for Feminist Futures: Part 1 by CREA

A Guide to feminist mentoring and how it builds feminist leadership. This is Part 1 of ‘Feminist Mentoring for Feminist Futures.’ It is to be used in conjunction with Part 2: The Practice and Part 3: The Stories.
Activism Funding Youth Engagement

Believe in Better: working paper by Action Aid

A working paper on young people's inclusion in national follow-up, review, and accountability processes of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.
Activism Skills Youth Engagement

Restless: Why Youth-Led Research

Why youth-led research is not just effective, but fundamentally about shifting power.