The Youth Collective believes in collaborative events that spark creativity, foster connections, and amplify the voices of young people. From inspiring webinars to engaging networking sessions, our community celebrates diversity, innovation, and positive change.

Entrepreneurship Exchange Series

The Youth Collective is excited to announce this amazing global exchange and learning series with the CIPE network. We are here to dive into the challenges we face, brainstorm creative solutions, and team up to make entrepreneurship easy and fun for young people. Join us to break barriers, think outside the box, and take action together to take up the world of entrepreneurship.

The Leadership Labs

The Leadership Labs aims to help young people grow, learn, and connect with others in the Youth Collective community. This program allows us to chat, learn from each other, and become better leaders in a friendly setting. Leadership Labs are held both in person and online so that young people from all over the world can join in. We have organised 12 Leadership Labs events so far and are excited to host more in the coming days.

The Donor Dialogues

The Donor Dialogues series is a strategic initiative designed to create a platform where members of the Youth Collective and potential funders can come together for insightful discussions on the current challenges and opportunities within the youth civil society sector. This series serves as a crucial avenue for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding between key stakeholders in the youth development landscape.