The Leadership Labs

Connect. Collaborate. Lead Together. 

We’re excited to launch a new series called the Leadership Labs. Join us to learn from and connect with other members of the Youth Collective globally. In this peer-led  series members will be sharing their leadership skills and tools through interactive, online sessions. This will also be a collaborative space for Youth Collective members to explore effective leadership approaches together, and develop stronger collaborations.

It’s Time To Change The Narrative.

Our members have told us that practical, accessible and inclusive leadership sessions are one of the things they need to thrive. But traditional leadership methods aren’t collaborative and are rooted in old values. These labs are designed to create a space that challenges this dominant narrative and is influenced by feminist principles and the values of inclusion and equity.  

As the series progresses we want to hear from you about the areas of leadership you would like to learn more about, or the sessions you could be a part of. This is a co-owned initiative and our strength lies in working for all members.

If you have an idea for a Leadership Lab session, or a query about the series, please contact 

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Previous Events

Find out more about past events by the Leadership Labs and the key takeaways from each session to better understand how our new peer-led initiative intends to provide.

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