Entrepreneurship Exchange

A global exchange and learning series by The Youth Collective Enterprise Network.

The Youth Collective Enterprise Network offers all young people in their diversity, a platform to explore, innovate, learn and build training and opportunities that set them up for life. It brings young people, especially young girls and women together to ideate on how to make a sustainable fulfilling living. 

We want all young people to have the skills, knowledge, resilience, and opportunities that will enable them to build sustainable futures.

Entrepreneurship Exchange Series: Innovate. Collaborate. Thrive.

This is a global exchange and learning five-part series between young entrepreneurs and members of the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) network to explore barriers, creative solutions and joint action to make entrepreneurship more accessible for young people.

It’s Time to Explore Barriers and Create Solutions!

Restless Development and CIPE will co-convene a global series of thematic dialogues and learning events that bring together youth civil society organisations and entrepreneurs from the Youth Collective (an inclusive network of more than 4,000 youth organisations) with private enterprise members of the CIPE network. These co-created sessions will create a space to share experiences, identify different challenges and generate shared solutions for how to ensure a thriving youth civil society of entrepreneurs.

The sessions will provide private enterprises with important first-hand insights from diverse young entrepreneurs from around the world on the kind of support, partnerships and investments that will enable young people to thrive and achieve a sustainable future for all. The series will also link to broader learning and advocacy work across Restless Development, including our power-shifting series, upcoming State of Youth Civil Society report, and wider research on the role of youth movements, education, climate and youth livelihoods.

Previous events

Find out more about past events through the Entrepreneurship Exchange Series and the key takeaways from each session to better understand what our new peer-led initiative intends to provide.