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Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

TDA Cookbook for Youth-Led Accountability

The Development Alternative (TDA) Cookbook for Youth-Led Accountability focuses on how young people can hold development actors to account, ensuring the projects they implement ali
Funding Governance Skills Youth Engagement

Resource Mobilization: Tools & Techniques

An overview of some key learnings from the latest Leadership Labs session on resource mobilization.
Funding Governance

Choice: Investing in Youth Impact

A toolkit on funding for youth-led organisations.
Activism Governance

Al Raida Journal: Vol. 45 No. 1 (2021)

Al-Raida is a bi-annual, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published by the Arab Institute for Women that aims to strengthen research on and by women in the Arab region and provides much-needed perspectives to global discourses on women and gender equality.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

خطوات لإقامة “حوار مع الجهات المانحة”

"في هذه اللمحة العامة الموجزة، نقدم نصائح عملية لكل من يسعى إلى إقامة "حوار مع الجهات المانحة
Activism Governance Youth Engagement

The Radical Communicators Network by Rad Comms

A growing infrastructure that ties political opportunity to collective action among social-justice communicators.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

كيفية إنشاء شبكة تواصل بين منظمات المجتمع المدني الشبابي في منطقتك

عبارة عن شبكة تضم منظمات المجتمع المدني الشبابية من حول العالم Youth Collective
Activism Governance Skills

External Engagement Training and Resources by EE

This simple training and resources log aims to capture and link to the different training content and materials that have been developed by colleagues in EE Team.
Activism Governance Skills Youth Engagement

It’s Time To Transform Education

In this Leadership Lab, we explored the role of Youth Civil Society in transforming Education.
Activism Governance Skills

Organizing Playbook by She Decides

This playbook aims to support you in developing your capacity to effectively organize for bodily autonomy and sexual rights.